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Faith & Doubt (3-part series)

If you want to grow in your faith then this series is for you.

“Based on the book: Faith and Doubt by John Ortberg”

Lesson 1: The Gift of Uncertainty

As a Christian we see doubt as a bad thing but sometimes it can be a good thing. Doubt makes us search deeper and want to find the answers.

Lesson 2: The Problem of Pain

It is much harder to hold onto your faith when going through tough times. This is the time we should be drawing closer to God.

Lesson 3: When Doubt Turns Bad

Doubt can drag us further away from God. As a Christian we go through good and bad times. Let’s learn to hold on to the truth and not believe Satan’s lies.

Burnout to Balance (4-part series)

Lesson 1: Why We Take On Too Much by Justin Renton

We take on more because we want to be more like our neighbour. When we take on too much we become less productive, we are stressed, lose our joy for life and we no longer hear God.

Lesson 2: Learning To SLOW Down by Justin Renton

When we put too much in our schedules we will not hear God’s whisper to us. God wants us to take time out to rest because he knows we need to rest or we will burnout.

Lesson 3: Bringing Focus To Your Life by Rodwell Mugochi

We need to live a life of love with God at the centre of our lives and remember that the contribution of our life is eternal. When we live like this we will move from “Burnout to Balance”.

Lesson 4: How To Lighten Your Load by Justin Renton

The way to lighten your load is to yoke yourself to Jesus. Let Jesus guide you and set the pace for your life. You will find life is so much easier and you will move from “Burnout to Balance”.

Small Things Big Difference
(2-part series)

An amazing series on how one small thing can make a BIG difference in all areas of our lives.

Lesson 1: Thoughts

A lesson on how it is sometimes only ONE thing that can make a difference. How even our thoughts are very important. Changing the way we think can change the way we are and see things.

Lesson 2: Words & Habits

A lesson on how our words are very powerful, they are either “poison or fruit”, that our words turn into action and our actions turn into habits; that we need to instill good habits in our lives.

Simple Prayer (4-part series)

This series is a must for any Christian who wants to have life changing prayer times!

Lesson 1: Plan it by Rodwell Mugochi

A class about planning your prayer time. If you don’t plan it, it will not happen. Great ideas about where and when to have your prayer times.

Lesson 2: Prayer patterns by Jacques Genis

If you have ever struggled with ideas on what to pray for, then this class will transform your prayers.

Lesson 3: Passion by Werner Vos

Praying is something we all do as a Christian. This class will help you to have life- changing passionate prayers.

Lesson 4: Prayer busters by Marc Jarchow

Ever feel like God isn’t hearing your prayers? This class will help you get the obstacles out of the way so God can hear your prayers clearly.

Breaking Up With God (4-part series)

An amazing sermon series on opening our eyes and seeing and taking notice of the warnings God gives us in his word. Also to be aware of Satan’s schemes.

Part 1: Why people fall away

We need to have strong roots, weed out worldly distractions and choose our friends wisely to insure that we do not leave God.

Part 2: Hebrews

A lesson on the five warnings God gives in the book of Hebrews to insure that we stand strong spiritually.

Part 3: 1 & 2 Timothy

Four lesson we can learn in 1 & 2 Timothy on how to ensure that our faith does not get shipwrecked.

Part 4: Making Up With God

In order for me to make sure that I stay close to God I need to learn how to deal with disappointments, see God with his arms open wide and give God my exclusive devotion.

Following Jesus

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We Are One

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